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N° de Inventario: 2066

Título: A Spectrum of Lexicography
Autor: Edited by ILSON Robert
Cant. de Páginas: 150
Peso: 325
Medidas: 15,5x22,5
Año: 1987

Reseña: This collection presents a balanced yet vivid picture of many of the domains of activity of lexicography. Ten contributors from eight countries discuss monolingual dictionaries (for learners and native speakers), bilingual dictionaries, an original approach to computer-aided lexicography, and the use of lexical material in language teaching. The collection of data; the inclusion, exclusion and ordering of material; definition and translation; and the provision of adequate information about grammatical valency, these are among the special topics treated, with many examples of the problems encountered and suggestions as to how they may be solved. A general introduction highlights the shared concerns that characterize the international discipline of contemporary dictionary making.

1987 - 150 Page



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